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Chit Chat / Respect Local People While Having Vacation In Indonesia
« Last post by barca on December 07, 2017, 11:45:11 AM »

When one thinks about traveling in the tropics, its only natural that youíd want to pact only shorts, tank tops and sundresses and maybe top it off with a big rim hat. Youíd be right to think that way. However, when you travel within Indonesia you should remember that this vast is comprised of many different cultures various local customs.

Dress down for the Beach

In some tourist destinations such as Bali, Manado, Maluku, Flores where Islam is not predominant you can get away with the more common tropics attire i mentioned earlier. So wear the bright yellow sundress with a big straw hat and flip-flops when you wander around Bali. Just keep in mind when visiting temples and other religious sites in Bali you must cover your legs.

Respect Local Culture

Whereas in other cities where the majority of the population in Moslem, such as Padang, Aceh, Makssar, and some areas of Lombok, you might want to dress more conservatively. Donít wear too shorts and pair them up with a tank top. Opt for something with sleeves and shorts no higher than your knees. If you are visiting a mosque be sure your legs are covered and donít forget head covers for the ladies. Even though there are not a requirement, the locals will appreciate if you dress accordingly.

Most Indonesians will understand that you are visitor and might not fully grasp the local dress code customs. But as a smart adventurer that you are, you can be sensitive to their culture and adjust your attire.
Chit Chat / Booking Airline Ticket And Check Hotel For Your Convenience Trip
« Last post by barca on December 07, 2017, 11:29:53 AM »

Planning a trip is such an important matter in order to get the best trip you deserve. The three most significant things we have to pay attention in planning our trip, either a business trip or personal one, are determining the location, booking the airline ticket, and checking the hotel room price. People expect to get the best deal that benefit them, thus comparing the room price is sort of a must thing to-do. Stuff such as collecting the information from any media, transportation access, weather, and other accommodation also take a big part in considering things.

Starting the planning, it is better to book the ticket transportation such as airline ticket and train ticket way before the date. Besides that, the comfortable and the security issue during the stay must be on one-or-two of your top considerations in picking hotel, villa, or even homestay. Sure, you want to get the best deal, donít you?

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Donít worry! Today, there are lot of online booking websites that enable you to easily book your airline ticket online. Digital advancement guarantees your travelling needs at ease and even accommodates you to make a comparison of hotel room prices right where you decide your trip destination.

Online booking efficiently makes your trip more fun and easy. Enabling you to manage your trip from wherever you are and anytime you want it, is the top advantage you obtain from online. Just donít forget to have the internet connection!

1. Thoroughly plan the date you start your staying and when you wanna check out

In order to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary discussion or even other payment during your stay at hotel, do check the date when you come and go. Take any consideration for things such as the period of time you have to stay, how long it will take you to the hotel, and the distance. For domestic visiting, that would be easier. But when you decide to go abroad, please be careful with the local time and your flight (both departure and arrival) that might be affect your booking.

2. Re-check the hotelís location with your GPS

Generally, you will get the hotel description from the website like its location, the distance from airport, nearby tourist destinations, business center, department store, and many more. Therefore, you need to do the re-check by yourself for the sake of your satisfaction and of course for your amenities. The free GPS service like Google Maps will help you to confirm the description.

3. Read the review from the guests

This is important! The other opinions from the guests may help you to pick the one you want. Read their review and their experience to ensure that you are in the right hotel. Visit TripAdvisor or simply you can get it from the various online booking website.

4. Compare the price rate

Comparing the room price from one hotel to another is apparently needed to get the best deal of it. Do visit various online booking websites before making the deal.

5. Update your status booking

As important as other tips before, updating the status booking is crucial. None of you want any problem with your booking, right? So, in order to avoid kind of cancellation or mistake, do update your status booking!
Culture & Historical Sites / An Adventure to Palembang Bird Park
« Last post by barca on December 05, 2017, 09:19:44 AM »

Palembang is a big city which has many types of attractions. During holidays, Palembang Bird Park is full of visitors. Why is that? It is a place for refreshing and learning. Families can introduce numerous species of birds to their kids. The park is also crowded during weekends. Local families come here often. The birds are cute and tame. They are approachable so kids can come close to these creatures. Just because it is called a bird park, doesnít mean it only displays birds. In fact, it contains other animals like reptiles, deer, horses, monkeys, and much more.

Playing with Birds
Palembang Bird Park is similar to a zoo. Though, it focuses on birds. It is true most of the birds are tame. However, parents need to take care of their kids. It is because children may behave badly inside the bird park. In some cases, they may easily hurt the bird and even kill it accidentally. Some birds are quite small. There is the chance of an accident. That means tourists must be more careful when walking. Most of the birds may lurk around the floor.

In a nutshell, the park is similar to that of Lembangís de Ranch. It is actually the third branch of such animal park. Visitors are able to enter the park and get closer to the birds. That means they can play with many types of birds. Before entering the cages, they should wash their hands in the sink. It helps prevent the infection. Some birds are prone to diseases, after all. Tourists should pay attention to their hygiene. The same rule applies when they leave the park.

The most interesting activity is photography. Most of the tourists are able to take pictures along with those birds. Apart from the birds, there are also other animals. Some tourists are quite brave. They take a picture with eerie animals like a snake, an owl, etc. No worries. Each cage features an infographic so tourists may know the types of animals in there. The park is quite noisy. There are numerous sounds of birds. What a beautiful back sound! Not to mention there are about 2000 species of birds.

Palembang Bird Park has famous bird species like Poksai, Jalak Suren, Cilcilin, Jalak Kebo, Kapondang, and much more. Tourists can even carry some snacks and feed these birds directly. One thing, the snacks are given by the staff. That means visitors arenít allowed to bring snacks from the outside. The staff gives some foods like nuts, grass, bananas, crickets, etc. These are free. Tourists donít need to pay for them.

How to Get There
Palembang Bird Park is located in H.A Bastari Street. From Palembang city, tourists need to ride a minibus to Ulu Region, Jakabaring. As an alternative, they can also start from Ampera Bridge. They can use numerous transportation options like ojeck, rented car, a minibus, transmusi, etc. These will bring them directly to Jakabaring. Palembang Bird Park is located adjacent to OPI attraction. Not to mention it opens every day. It is quite crowded during weekends, though.
Nature Tourism Destinations / Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque and Its Uniqueness
« Last post by barca on December 05, 2017, 08:57:41 AM »

Palembang owns numerous types of attractions. Tourists can visit unique landmarks and vacation spots. For Muslims, visiting Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque is quite intriguing. The mosque is situated in Ki Ronggo Wiro Santiko Street. It lies in Talang Kerangga region. The government had spent lots of money to build such magnificent structure. A unique part of the mosque is its giant dome. It also features 6 smaller domes and a high tower. Tourists often use it for worshiping and finding peace. The atmosphere of the mosque is tranquil, for sure.

Exploring Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque
Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque offers a vast interior. It can hold up to 800 people. During IED Holiday, the mosque can accommodate more than 1000 people. Thanks to the ample yard. This vastness makes it more comfortable for visitors. They can either pray or relax in this mosque. There is also a small library inside, stores good collections of books. Moreover, the mosque features some offices. These include BKPRMI and MUI. Many theologians come here to discuss some stuff. Visitors can meet them, as well.

As mentioned earlier, Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque has a vast space. There is no pilling in the midst of the mosque. It feels comfortable and chilling inside. It features a regular platform, which is not too big and too luxurious. The platform is made of wood. It is just the same like other platforms of Palembang mosques. The visitors can do prayers in a comfortable manner. Thanks to ample space and comfortable ambiance of the mosque. Not to mention the structure is quite majestic.

Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque has undergone a renovation. It becomes better and bigger. Local people often come to the mosque. They spend a good time and vacation here. When the prayer time comes, they can directly go inside. Today, the mosque has been a meeting place for either tourists or regular worshippers. The atmosphere is chilling and the structure is amazing. No one gets disappointed after visiting the mosque. It is a unique place for finding serenity. Most the visitors are Muslims, after all.

Another unique thing is the pond. It is located adjacent to the mosque. The size of the fish pond is quite big. It is surrounded by the pavement. Due to its calming ambiance, the pond attracts many local people. In the evening, it becomes a gathering place among those people. The most crowded time is during holidays or weekends. Near to the mosque and the pond, there is an office of Indonesian Army. With all these attractions, travelers should visit the mosque during their vacation to Palembang.

How to Get There
Local people wonít be troubled in visiting Taqwa Kambang Kecil Mosque. It is because the mosque is located in the midst of Palembang city. What about outsiders or foreigners? Well, they need to reach Palembang first. It can be either air or land. Next, they must head to Talang Kerangga. The mosque is located at Ki Ronggo Wiro Santiko Street. It is also near to the official residence of the Palembang Mayor. Furthermore, the mosque is near to Kambang Iwak. Thus, it wonít be hard to find it.
Nature Tourism Destinations / Top Destinations in Palembang
« Last post by barca on November 09, 2017, 11:31:52 AM »

Tourists have a different motivation when they are visiting a specific tourist destination. Though, most of them want to know the icons of the place they go to see. In Palembang, there are many recognized icons of the city. In fact, it is too many. Most of the tourists have been familiar with Empek-empek. It is the traditional food of Palembang. It has a savory and unique taste. Almost all visitors never miss Empek-empek when they are in Palembang. It is available in many parts of the city. So, what are the other icons?

Top Destinations in Palembang
Palembang is a big city. That means tourists can explore many attractive places here. There is a majestic landmark in Palembang. The name is Ampera Bridge. Beneath the bridge, there is the Musi River. It is also quite well-known. These tourist spots open many possibilities. That means visitors can simply relax, enjoy the scenery, take pictures, or do other things. At the end of the day, they can look for a food stand. The most famous food is definitely Empek-empek. What an interesting vacation!

The next Palembang icon is Kemaro Island. In order to reach this tourist attraction, visitors must ride either a speedboat or traditional boat. The beauty of nature is indeed satisfying. There is also some unique architecture like Chinese Temples, Pagoda, and numerous historical sites. The most famous temple is Hok Tjing Rio. Visitors are able to witness a local tradition like Cap Go Meh here. In front of the temple, there are some ancient tombs of lovers. It also features the Tree of Love.

Next, there is Kuto Besak Fort. It is a popular spot for young people, families, or foreigners. Simply said, it is a nice location to hang around and meet new people. There are some local delicacies here. When it comes to Musi River, tourists are able to rent a motor boat. A cruise adventure is a good idea. It can be a unique vacation for them. In the morning, they can visit another famous icon of Palembang. It is Jakabaring Sports City. It is actually the center of sports venues.

Some Precautions
Just because Palembang offers many types of attractions, doesnít mean it is perfect. Theft can be an issue. Tourists should take care of their possessions. Carelessness is a big problem. Not to mention the public transportation is often crowded. The safest and most comfortable transportation is a taxi. It will be better if tourists rent a car. There are many car rent services in Palembang, after all.

How to Get There
The simplest way to reach Palembang is by plane. Tourists only need to head to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport. The airport is crowded during holidays, though. If people choose to come to Palembang by bus, they can use any bus services from other cities. Though, they need to pass Sunda Strait by ferry if they come from Jakarta. It is also possible to come by train. However, it is not recommended. The rail transport to this city is quite limited.
Culture & Historical Sites / PTC - Palembang Trade Center
« Last post by amanda on October 13, 2017, 09:28:26 AM »

Palembang is not only about natural tourism. It also offers great places for shopping. As for reference, there is Palembang Trade Center. Local people call it PTC. It was built in 2004. Today, many tourists and local people often come here for numerous reasons. The location is at R. Sukamto Street 8. It also becomes one of the biggest shopping centers in Palembang. It is famous for its strategic location and numerous items to buy. Not to mention it is surrounded by many accommodations.

Getting around Palembang Trade Center
At the first time, visitors will be amazed by the size of this mall. It is about 50,000 m2. The mall features a large parking lot so it is able to retain lots of cars. Palembang Trade Center features a ground floor and 19 venues. Each of the venues offers unique commodities and items. These include jewelry, toys, electronics, furniture, and much more. The building is quite majestic. It comes in 5 levels, an ATM center, DIVA karaoke, pet shop, restaurant, clinics, cafes, etc. It is the center of retreat. Any tourists can enjoy many things in the mall.

The thing is Palembang Trade Center also becomes a busy place for businessmen. The mall is surrounded by many offices. It is because the area is quite crowded. It is also the place for those who look for cheaper quality items. When tourists spend a vacation in Palembang, they can fulfill their desire for shopping. PTC offers many venues and good retreat spots. The mall also features different types of cafes and restaurants. Shoppers can eat delicious foods after getting around the mall.

One of the best eateries in Palembang Trade Center is the seafood express. Not only it has delicious foods, but it also features stunning interior. The restaurant applies a traditional theme with its wooden furniture. As the name suggests, they offer numerous types of seafood. The owner applies a comfortable and approachable theme for his restaurant. The purpose is to attract more visitors. There are other types of menu, as well. These include ifumie, Indonesian fried rice, etc. The prices are affordable, too.

Tourists can find some clothing venues in Palembang Trade Center. After all, it is a part of a shopping experience. That doesnít mean tourists need to buy clothes. They can simply enter the venues and try some beautiful clothes. Once they have found the best one, they need only to purchase it. There are numerous types of outfits to try. Whatís more? The mall also features bookstores. Reading some books and buying favorite novels are good things to do in this mall.

How to Get There
Palembang Trade Center is located at R.Sukamto 84, East Ilir II Palembang. It is easy to reach the mall. From Palembang city, tourists can ride a minibus. The trip is about 1 hour. Since the mall is located in a strategic area, it is easy to find. The mall is surrounded by offices, small shops, hypermarkets, and much more. Not to mention the building is quite enormous and iconic. Everyone can spot it without hassles.
Culture & Historical Sites / Parameswara Monument in Palembang, Indonesia
« Last post by amanda on October 13, 2017, 09:26:19 AM »

Palembang is recognized as the capital of South Sumatra. It also becomes a significant tourist destination. Some tourists prefer to visit Jakabaring. It is because they want to see the magnificent Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium. Actually, there is also an interesting spot nearby. It is the Parameswara Monument. The local government constructed the monument to greet the beginning of PON 2004. It has the shape of banana leaves. The name of the monument comes from the name of a prince. He was a brave and loyal general.

Get Closer to Parameswara Monument
Parameswara Monument is indeed a famous landmark in Palembang. Apart from its majestic architecture, the monument becomes a place for gathering. Many tourists come here to simply relax and enjoy an afternoon. It is free to get close to the monument. One thing, they shouldnít ruin the park and stain the pool. Most of the visitors love to take some pictures near to the monument. It is because Parameswara has a unique shape. Not to mention it is quite big.

The best time to visit Parameswara Monument is during the operation of a fountain. Unfortunately, it only happens in an occasional manner. In the past, the monument features a 24-hour fountain attraction. Today, it usually appears in the evening. The fountain is the greatest feature of the monument. It also combines beautiful lights in the evening. What a romantic place! Near to the monument, there are some food stands. The most popular snack is grilled corn. There are also some drinks and local foods.

The next common tourist activity in Parameswara Monument is cycling. Many local people come here for casual sports. These include cycling, jogging, and much more. No wonder, they want to release stresses. A daily routine makes them distressed. Thanks to the monument. Tourists can relieve their burdens in a simple manner. They can enjoy a great afternoon by cycling around here. There is also the chance to meet new people. The most crowded time is during weekends and holidays.

As mentioned earlier, Parameswara Monument is located near to Jakabaring Sports City. That means tourists can also visit such good tourist spot after exploring the monument. Many sports venues are available. They can enjoy swimming, playing badminton, or anything. For those who love photography, the monument can be a great background. The best time to take pictures is in the evening. At this time, the monument features a beautiful fountain and lights. Also, the monument is quite crowded in the fasting month. Many Moslems spend an afternoon while waiting for the fast breaking time.

How to Get There
Parameswara Monument is situated in H. Bastari Street, Jakabaring. Actually, the monument acts as a traffic roundabout. Thus, it is easy to find it. From the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, tourists can directly head to Jakabaring. The best transportation is a taxi. Actually, Trans Musi is also a good idea. The trip takes about 40 minutes. Though, it can take longer due to a traffic jam. Fortunately, the road is quite smooth and in a good condition. It is definitely a comfortable trip.
Hotels In South Sumatra / Favehotel Palembang
« Last post by barca on September 18, 2017, 05:06:52 PM »
Favehotel Palembang

Located around a 30-minute drive from the iconic Ampera Bridge in Palembang, favehotel Palembang offers a modern yet cosy accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi access throughout the entire property and free on-site private parking for guests who drive.

It takes a 30-minute drive from the property to the Benteng Kuto Besak historical site. Getting to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport will take around 20 minutes by car.

Each room here will provide you with air conditioning, flat-screen cable TV, a seating area, clothes rack, personal safe, and an en suite bathroom featuring shower facility and free toiletries. Fresh towels and linen are also included. Guests can enjoy city view from the rooms.

At favehotel Palembang you will find a 24-hour front desk with concierge service where the attentive staff can help guests to arrange laundry requests and massages at additional charges. Meeting/banquet facility is also available at this property.

The on-site Lime Restaurant serves all-day dining menu featuring hearty Indonesian and Western dishes. Alternatively guests can order from room service.

This property is also rated for the best value in Palembang! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

We speak your language!
Special From South Sumatra / Pempek Traditional Dish from Palembang
« Last post by barca on July 10, 2017, 10:07:11 AM »

Pempek, or others known as Empek-Empek or Mpek Mpek, is one of signature dishes from South Sumatera, precisely from Palembang Regency. Pempek is typical of fish cake that made of fish meat and tapioca powder and spices, and it serve with sweet and sour sauce called Cuko or Cuko, which typical of brown sugar vinegar, that made of brown sugar, vinegar, chili, garlic and salt. The taste of the sauce must be acidly strong with the taste of sweetness and hotness at the same time.

In one plate of Pempek, we will find a plate full of the Pempek dough that have been fried and cut in pieces, yellow noddle and the sauce. In some modification there will be chopped cucumber and soy powder for sprinkles.

History said, the early idea of this dish came up during 16th Century, when an old Chinese immigrant settled in at near to Musi River. After noticed the abundant of fishes around the neighborhood was plentiful and mostly wasted for there was refrigerator at that time, he had an idea to make something by those fishes, beside to consume it in traditional way like indigenous people did, like grilled, fried or boiled. The old man was start to made fish dough and the sauce and he sold around the village with his cart. The people at that time noticed him as Pek Apek, that referred to an old man, in Chinese slang word. Since then, the dish was become popular as mpek-mpek.

There are some variants of Pempek that we can found in the menu. The most popular one is Pempek Kapal Selam. Kapal selam in Bahasa means Submarine, which resemble to the shape of the dish. Pempek Kapal Selam is pempek dough with an egg inside. Other popular variant is pempek Lenjer, which is pempek in long cylindrical shape that similar to sausage. Others are known as Pempek Kulit, Pempek Keriting, Pempek Adaan and more.
Culture & Historical Sites / Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat (Monpera)
« Last post by barca on July 04, 2017, 08:53:06 AM »

Palembang is one of the best tourist destinations in Sumatra Island. The city offers many tourist attractions for everyone. For those who love history, there is Monpera. It is actually a monument of peopleís struggle. It was built to commemorate the struggle of local people against the Dutch. The monument is located adjacent to the Great Mosque of Palembang. It has a unique characteristic, as well. The monument features 6 pillars and a relief of war. Palembang was involved in a war against the Dutch for 5 days. The Monpera becomes a symbol of it.

Exploring the Monument
The government built Monpera to appreciate the role of nation soldiers during such war. It was enacted in 1988. Physically, the monument has a shape of jasmine flower. It represents the purity of soldiersí heart. It also comes with 5 sides, each of the sides represents the residencies of South Sumatra. The monument also features 9 different paths. It is a sacred number, after all. Local people consider 9 as the symbol of unity or harmony. The other name is ďBatang Hari Sembilan".

Another unique part is the size of Monpera. It has the height of 17 meters, has 8 levels and 45 lanes. Each of the numbers represents the countryís Independence date, which is 17 August 1945. Once visitors pass through the main gate of the monument, they may see an elephantís tusk. It is made of sand and cement. This ivory represents the spirit of the Sumatranese. Ivory is the reminiscence of an elephant. It symbolizes the limitless spirit of local people.

Near to such majestic ivory, tourists may also find the magnificent chest of Garuda Pancasila. It is located in the main wall of the monument. On the other parts, there are two reliefs of peopleís struggle. These portray the 5-days war against the invader. Inside, there are some collections of historical items. These include photos, war equipment, weapons, old money, etc. Tourists can learn many things here. Overall, Monpera becomes a place to recognize the role of local heroes during the war. It is also considered as a sacred site.

The thing is the government also puts a significant improvement to the monument. Today, it becomes one of the best attractions in Palembang. Everyone is allowed to visit it. The monument can be the source of information and the place to learn history. There was a struggle in order to retain the independence of the country. It opens daily. Furthermore, the entry fee is quite affordable. The monument is suitable either for families or historians, too.

How to Get There
Monpera is located on Merdeka Street, 19 Ilir. The best method is to use a private car. It is a faster and more comfortable choice. Though, a public transportation isnít a bad idea. Tourists only need to use the Ampera lane. It wonít take long from the main town. Near to the monument, there are some food stands. Tourists should try the famous Pempek. It is the special food of Palembang. What a wonderful vacation it is.
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