Empat Lawang is one of regency in South Sumatra that its capital located at Tebing Tinggi district. The regency has 9 districts and 153 villages.

Empat Lawang regency has many Rumah Panggung (stage houses) made of either teak or timber wood (original Sumatra wood). The society reasons of make this stage house because of natural factors (forest area) and there are still many wild animals such as tigers or leopards.

Empat Lawang has many tourism object that providing beauty and challenge. The tourism object are Tujuh Tingkat (Seven Level) waterfall, located in Tanjung Alam village, Lintang Kanan district; Hot spring water located in Pasemah Air Keruh (PAK) district; Air Bayau beach located in Muara Pinang and Air Musi beach located in Terusan Baru village, Tebing Tinggi district.

The rivers that has torrential flow and rocks, can be used as one of Rafting tourism that is currently popular in this country. There are also many wide rivers which crossing a coffee plantation of Empat Lawang society and will become tourism river. The route along the river which takes 29 km from Tanjungraya village to Tebingtinggi has some points of torrential flow which can increase adrenaline sports for rafting lovers. The scenery along the river also gives its own nuances. Besides the hills, the steep cliffs also can be used for climbing object. Also, some of estuary of the creek with blackened rocks and a fairly large size gives a beautiful view.
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