Tujuh Panggung Waterfall (Seven Levels)

Tujuh Panggung (Seven Levels) waterfall is located in the upper row of Bukit Barisan, 1200 m height above sea level. This waterfall consists of 7 levels resembling stage so named Seven Levels.

The waterfall in the first stage consists of six rows of fountains, which each as high as 2 meters and as deep underneath there are about 3-4 meters deep with about 4x5 meters width. Meanwhile, in the second stage up to seven also gives a different feel, because the height of each waterfall are different, between 5-14 meters. The seventh stage in fact has two sources of water that flowed into the depths below with about 10 m height.

On the top levels more, actually there are still two stages waterfall. But there is no one who dared trekking it, because the road is quite steep with a slope of rock cliffs reaching 45 degrees. Beside it steep, this cliff is mossy so difficult to approach. This wild natural atmosphere is quite enough to give a special impression for those who have a passion to enjoy the nature. However, to reach this location from Palembang city is quite far. Palembang to Tebing Tinggi can be reached within 7 hours by car or train.

Tired of the trip from Tanjungalam village to the waterfall feels paid off when enjoying the nature freshness of rice fields in the waterfall. Along the village roads and footpaths, the fields, rice fields and gurgling streams have accompany and make the trip unfrogettable.

After enjoying the waterfall, two hot springs within about 1.5 hour hike also can complete your nature trip.
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