Lahat is one of regencies in South Sumatra province. The area is covers a total area of 4,076.06 km2 and the capital is in Lahat town.

Lahat regency is divided into sub-districts, which are Lahat, Kikim, Kota Agung, Jarai, Tanjung Sakti, Pulau Pinang and Merapi. Those sub-districts are now expanded into 22 Sub-district. Lahat is also inhabited by some tribes like Suku Lematang, Gumai, Kikim, Melayu Semende, Pasemah, Sukamerindu and Enim.

During Palembang Sultanate in 1830, Lahat had clans that formed from the Sumbai and Suku or tribes, like in Lematang, Besemah, Lintang, Gumai, Tebing Tinggi and Kikim. Marga was a government that ruled Sumbai dan Suku. This Marga was also the forerunner of the Government in Lahat since that day.
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