Lubuklinggau City

Lubuk Linggau is a county-level city that kocated in most western South Sumatra and directly adjacent to the Rejang Lebong regency of Bengkulu province. The status of "town" for Lubuk Linggau was granted through the Law No. 7 at 2001 and it inaugurated on August 17, 2001, this town is a division of Musi Rawas.

Linggau Lubuk administrative borders with:
North: Bordering to BKL Sub-district, Ulu Terawas, Musi Rawas regency.
East: Bordering to Tugu Mulyo regency And Muara Beliti, Musi Rawas regency
South: Bordered to Muara Beliti And Bengkulu Province.
West: Bordered to the province of Bengkulu
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