Muara Enim Regency

Muara Enim Regency is one of regency in South Sumatra province. Geographically located at the position between 4° - 6° South Latitude and 104° - 106° East Longitude. Muara Enim regency has a fairly extensive area and has abundant Natural Resources which most of the territory is rivers. The total area of Muara Enim is about 7383.9 square kilometers located in the middle of South Sumatra province, with boundaries as follows:
- Northern adjacent to Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir, Banyuasin regency, and Palembang city.
- Eastern adjacent to Ogan Ilir regency, Ogan Komering Ulu, Palembang city and Prabumulih city.
- Southern adjacent to Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan and Kaur regency of Bengkulu Province.
- Western adjacent to Musi Rawas regency, Pagaralam city and Lahat regency.

Administratively, Muara Enim area regency has divided into 20 Districts which consist of 326 villages. The capital of this regency is located in Muara Enim downtown. The regency also has many wonderful tourism destinations such as; the Dok River Tourism Object which is located in Tanjung Raman Muara Enim, Rafting Destinations, Bumi Ayu temple located in Bumiayu village Tanah Abang district which has about 85 km distance from Muara Enim downtown and can be reached by vehicle land. Bumi Ayu temple is the only temple complex in South Sumatra. Last, Muara Enim also has Animal Park that situated on Talang Taling Gelumbang highway.

Besides the tourism sector, Muara Enim also has complete and modern sports facilities from PON (National Sports Competition) program in South Sumatra last 2004. Then, coal mines and oil is quite large enough in Sumatra. Rubber and oil palm plantations also dominated this area. So, it is the right decision to get Muara enim in your travel listings.
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