Gemuhak Hot Springs

Gemuhak Hot Springs tourist destination is located on the top of Umang hill, near to Penindaian village, Semendo district about 70 km from Muara Enim, precisely in Gunung Tiga village. The trip from Gunung Tiga village to the area takes about 6 km and by walking takes about 3 hours. This tourist destination is in protected forest area, and there is no residential. The location of Gemuhak Hot Springs is on 389 meters height above sea level.

Gemuhak Hot Springs has several sources or hot springs water scattered at some point in this tourist location. The central of hot water can spread hot water spurt or glaciers with about three meters height. It is about 15 seconds each spurt. By those times, and produce the phenomenon of spurts and then stopped, then spurted again, so that local people called it as "Maluan".

This hot water can reach the highest temperature of 98C. This hot water contains minerals and salty. It can consumed directly, because it is already boiling. The hot water produced has sulfur and a high iodine which of course can prevent mumps because the iodine. The water also can treat various skin diseases because of the sulfur content.
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