Ogan Ilir Regency is a regency in South Sumatra province. It has 16 districts, 227 villages and 14 sub-districts. Indralaya downtown is the capital of this regency and has 13 villages. The native Ogan Ilir people is coming from Ogan tribe with 3 sub-tribes: Pegagan Ulu tribe, Penesak tribe and Pegagan Ilir tribe. Besides, this regency has about 12 nature tourism which commonly visited, like Tanjung Putus, Lebung Karangan, Teluk Putih and more.

Ogan Ilir region has a big river named Ogan reiver which flow from Muara Kuang district in border area of OKU regency, then flow to Lubuk Keliat district, Rantau Alai, Kandis, Sungai Pinang, Tanjung Raja, Rantau Panjang, Indralaya, Pemulutan Selatan, Pemulutan Barat and Pemulutan district. This river finish the flowing in Musi Kertapati river in Palembang city, which is known as Muara Ogan (Ogan estuary).

While the small rivers are; Kelekar river, Rambang river, Kuang river, Randu river, Kandis river, Kumbang river that disembogue in Ogan river and Keramasan river flow to Musi Palembang river.

Another nature spot is the lake. Ogan Ilir has Lebung Karangan lake that located in Sejaro Sakti village, Indralaya district and Kelekar river swamp which is become a nature tourism spot in Tanjung Senay Indralaya in the area of government offices of Ogan Ilir regency.
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