Ogan Komering Ilir Regency

Ogan Komering Ilir or OKI has an area of 17,058.32 km² and the are is include in wetland which is fertile for palm, rubber, cacao, pineapple, tea and fisheries. The administrative capital is in Kayu Agung.

This regency is administratively borders with Banyuasin district, Ogan Ilir and Palembang in the north; Ogan Komering Ulu Timur and Lampung Province in the south; Ogan Ilir and East OKU in the West, and; Bangka Strait and the Java Sea in the east. During Dutch colonialization, OKI regemcy was belongs to the residency of South Sumatra and Sub recidency (Afdeeling) of Palembang, with Tanah Datar as the capital city. The Afdeeling was divided into several onder afdeeling. In the era of independence OKI district included in the residency of Palembang which includes 26 Marga. Then, in the era of New Order OKI district became part of the province of South Sumatra. After the dissolution of the clan, OKI was divided into 12 subdistricts and six representative districts.

OKI is divided into several tribes, and the indigenous come from the Ogan tribe, Komering, Kayu Agung, Penesak, Pegagan; while the outsiders are coming from Javanese, sundanese & Balinese.
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