Welcome to Ogan Komering Ulu Timur

The capital regency of Ogan Komering Ulu Timur (Oku Timur) is in Martapura. This regency is famous as one of advanced areas in South Sumatra province. Ogan tribe occupies almost 80 percent of the region such as in Campang Tiga, Semendawai, Kangkung, Betung, Martapura, Gunung Batu, Muncak Kabau, Belitang, Buay Madang, Minanga and Madang tribe. OKU Timur regency has quite wide potential of agricultural land and is one of the largest rice producing areas in South Sumatra.

Topography and altitude in OKU Timur regency approximately 35-67 meters above sea level, land conditions in this regency can be classified into peneplain zone, piedmont zone and hilly zone.

Arts and tradition as well as culture of OKU Timur native still close to hereditary custom from their ancestors as one example of customary marriage. There are four types of marriage in OKU Timur regency:
  1.  Rasan tuha angkat gawi marriage;
  2. Rasan tuha takat padang marriage;
  3. Sibambang marriage (eloping);
  4. Ngakuk anak marriage (adoption).
As well as several types of dance which known familiarly by residents of OKU Timur:
  1. Dance Minur (presented by women who had married);
  2. Dance Sabai (presented by men and women meaning to excitement).
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