Komering River

Komering River is one of nine major rivers in South Sumatra province. This river is upper course in Lake Ranau and lower course into Musi River in Palembang. Komering River is very historic because it has built a civilization in South Sumatra. In addition, this river has high diversity of biological resources.

In Komering River live various types of fish, such as; hindik, haruan, catfish, lampam, kopor, saluang, balida, tauman, kapiak, also hurang and others. Perhaps, since centuries ago the fish can live breed from upstream to downstream Komering river, or they can have a natural life cycle continuously. Ogan Komering Ulu Timur community is famous for its fish dishes from Komering river including roasted, salted, and or curry by akas ombai, and Ompu-ompu or the descendants along Komering river..
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