Pagar Alam City

Pagaralam is a city in South Sumatra. It bounded by Bengkulu Province to the south, the district of Jarai to the north, the district of Kota Agung to the east and the district of Tanjung Sakti to the west.

Pagar Alam city has a very rich tourism potential, in addition to natural attractions, there are also archaeological sites. In the city of Pagar Alam there are at least 33 waterfalls and 26 menhir sites that have been recorded.

Most of the land in Pagar Alam is derived from the type of latosol and andosol type, with undulating to hilly surface shape. Looking at the the class, the land in this area in general is containing of high fertility soil (grade I). The proof is that Pagar Alam is mostly producing vegetables, fruits, and is one of the sub-terminal agribusiness (STA) in the province of South Sumatra.
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