South Sumatra Culinary

Kemaro Island, South Sumatra

South Sumatra is one province in Sumatra (Andalas) island that the capital is Palembang. Geographically, South Sumatra is bordering Jambi province on the north, Bangka Belitung in the East, Lampung province in the South and Bengkulu province in the west.

In topography, the land of South Sumatra on the east coast side consists of marshes and brackish which influenced by tides. While, the plants are Palmase and wood swamps (mangrove). In the west, it is vast lowland. Inland side is mountainous territory. There, you will find Bukit Barisan (mountains) that divides South Sumatra and is a mountainous area with an altitude of 900-1200 meters above sea level. Bukit Barisan consists of Mount Seminung, Mount Dempo, Mount Patah and Mount Bengkuk. While the west side of Bukit Barisan is slope area. South Sumatra province has several large rivers. The water spring of most rivers are from Bukit Barisan, except Mesuji River, Lalan River and Banyuasin River. The rivers which has Bukit Barisan water spring and finish in Bangka strait are Musi River, while Ogan river, Komering river, Lematang river, Kelingi river, Lakitan river, Rupit River and Rawas river which is Musi river child.

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