Curup Tenang Bedegung Waterfall

Curup Tenang or Bedegung Waterfall is the highest waterfall in South Sumatra. Waterfall with 99 meters height has sourced from a springs that never dry in the gap of Bukit Barisan and down in a small river that heavy, rocky and has very cool air.

Curup Tenang Bedegung waterfall is located in Bedegung village, Tanjung Agung district, Muara Enim regency, South Sumatra Province.

It is about 56 km to the south of Muara Enim and about an hour or 210 km from Palembang city. Can be reached by all types of vehicles. To facilitate the visitors who come from outside the district, the local government has built a new road from Prabumulih to Simpang Meo along 87 km through a forest area industrial plants and oil palm plantations. Thus the distance from Palembang to Curup Tenang Bedegung village is only about 2 hours, or about 177 km. This distance is shorter than through Muara Enim which means it should cover 239 km.

Further, to reach this waterfall, there is footpath along 600 meters that was built on the banks of river and a bridge that crosses small river.

Rafting facility is also available in this tourism area. The visitors can explore the streams of Curup Tenang Bedegung waterfall which need about two hours to down the river. Therefore, you can also find natural baths with fresh cold water and equipped with fishing area, complete with the facilities, so the visitors have more activities in this area.

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