Datuk Lake

Datuk Lake located about 40 km from the Capital regency, Martapura. Located in Surabaya village and Mendayun village, Madang Suku I district. This potential tourism object Datuk Lake which is untouched yet by the development is actually quite potential for to develop. The lake has named Datuk because it was managed by progenitor from Rasuan village, Madang Suku I district and his tomb is in a small island in the center lake of Datuk island. The lake has four small islands: Gagulan Island, Datuk Island, Tanjung Simpur Island and Honik Island.

The lake’s water sources is coming from Gilas water that empties into Komering river, Mendayun village, Suku Madang I district of OKU Timur regency. The lake is also has buffalo breeding which owned by villagers of Surabaya village, Madang Suku I district, and the most typical of this lake is the presence of many white lake birds (goose). Datuk lake  is 10m2 width and rich in freshwater fish and there are still some wild crocodiles here.

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