Kubu Kandang Tribe

Kubu Kandang Tribe tourism village, which is located in Muara Bahar village is directly adjacent to Jambi province. Kubu Kandang Tribe tourism village scattered in three locations: Beringin bay, Bungkal and Telapan. To reach this village, the visitors can ride by motorboat (Speed Boat).

Beringin had advance, and people already wearing the modem clothes, while in Bungkal is unspoiled, where the majority of people wear native traditional clothes and has distinctive body skin. The custom of this area are weddings, mortality, childbirth and disease treatment. Beringin bay has many Kubu tribe who marry with outside people and began to know the world life in 1971.

There is an indigenous tradition that is very unique, that is the procedure of treatment using traditional dances named “DANCE BASALEK”. This dance is dedicated to provide such treatment to people who suffer from pain. This dance is performed at night and the time are usually all night start at 19.00 until 08.00.WIB. The dancers consists of seven people and a combination of male and female. Dancers using traditional attire usually around a campfire and ritual offerings.

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