Lesung Batu Temple

Lesung Batu temple is an archaeological site located in Lesung Batu Muda village, Rawas Ulu district, Musi Rawas Utara regency of South Sumatra. The location of cultural heritage sites is located on the edge of Sumatra highway (Jalinsum) on kilometers 93, about 500 meters from the rubber plantation area which has two hectares width. This site is a cultural remains from the classical period; Hindu-Buddhist in Indonesia.

This temple is built around 10th century AD or as same as Srivijaya kingdom era. It means, although Sriwijaya embrace Buddhist, but Hindu rituals survive and exist in its territory. The artifacts that ever found in this temple are including, Yoni (place of Hinduism worship), foreign ceramic shards, very brittle brick structure. The research that have been conducted shows that around the temple were also found brick structure which may be a guardrail.

Also found the grave jars and fragments of Chinese ceramics relics of Srivijaya kingdom 10th century. Jars grave is also the cultural heritage of prehistoric Buddhists in the 10th century. In the area also found fragments of ceramics that is based on chronological originated from China in the 10th century.

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