Lubuk Tudung

No less interesting is Lubuk Tundung tourism object. The tourism object is quite unique to be visited and located in Tanjung Ning Lama village, Tebing Tinggi district. People who want to visit this tourism spot should take about 2 kilometers from the three-junction of Jalan Lintas Sumatera (Jalinsum) Tebik Tinggi-Lubuklinggau.

By crossing the county road for about 10 minutes from Jalinsum intersection, we will arrive at Tanjung Ning Lama village. Coffee plantation and forest streams are surrounding Air Saling river, which is the water source of Lubuk Tudung.

Arriving at Lubuk Tudung location, the green natural panorama seems to make the atmosphere around comfortable and beautiful. Marl stone also appears surround Lubuk Tudung which about 8 meters depth.

In the center of pool there is a whirlpool. This whirlpool itself formerly seem heavy. Especially when the river tide, the whirlpool will look widened and seemed heavy rotate.

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