Martapura Town

Martapura located about 250 km from the capital city of South Sumatra Province, can be accessed by train, then by cars travel for about 5 hours. From Palembang to Martapura pass several cities of South Sumatra such as; Indralaya, Prabumulih, and Baturaja. Martapura also has its advantages as Martapura city in South Kalimantan, beside its tourist destinations that always makes people want to always visit Martapura, it also interesting when the fruit season arrives. Martapura typical fruit is Durian and Duku fruit. Several hundred acres of durian and duku gardens are here. Durian Komering and duku Komering is famous fruits in the market. Somehow when you hear kind of durian and duku komering fruit, the buyer will be booming. Komering itself is one of the largest tribes located in Martapura. Durian Komering season usually during in December to March while duku Komering March to May.

To support the extensive rice cultivation in Martapura, Indonesian government in 1991 has build Irrigation Upper Komering Perjaya Dam, which serves to irrigate 200 ha of rice fields. Besides, the dam also serves as natural tourist destination in order to generate the region income and as  entertainment destination for OKU Timur citizens. The dam has strategic location, beautiful scenery with beautiful panoramic of the sprawling rice fields and rubber plantations so it gives cool and natural air impression.

Beside Perjaya Dam, Martapura also has Limas house (Palembang traditional house), which has stood from 1937. This was the residence of pasirah Busnan Mansour and until now it still care well by the extended family descended of pasirah which known as Limas family. Then about 12 km from Martapura downtown, precisely in Jayapura district there is Mencar springs. Shifted about 10 km, there are Villa Masin tourism which is located in Mendah village. Here, the visitors will find a large jar that is often referred as Gurin. This jar is located near streams. There is some water in the jar that never dries and sometimes salty.

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