Maspari Island

Maspari island is the outer island of South Sumatra province with about 25 hectares area which directly adjacent to Bangka province. This island has clear white sand beach and surrounded by rocks and hawksbill habitat. Maspari island located in Tulung Selapan district, Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI).

The island used as turtle conservative and shrimp breeding center. The eastern island of South Sumatra has natural beauty with big rocks, white sand and clear sea water. Maspari is the beautiful island.

To reach this island is easy. The visitors will take about 70km away in less than three hours from Tulung Selapan district, OKI. Then, after overland trip, continue with fast boat ride with less than 15 minutes from Selapan dock. If taken from Palembang, the visitors can reach it in two ways. The first alternative is through Musi river, precisely throughgh Benteng Kuto Besak or dock near Musi bridge, by speed boat with outboard motors through Musi river to Upang and sea line of Bangka strait to the east of South Sumatra direct to Maspari island in less than 6 hours.

The next alternative is through Lumpur river overland road from Palembang city to Tulung Selapan district, about 2 hours drive. Then continue from Tulung Selapan district to Maspari island by speed boat with about less than 4 hours trip.

There is flora and fauna live in Maspari island. In some locations there where turtles lay their eggs. There are hundreds of eggs are ready to hatch that has known as Tukik, kind of hawksbill which very protected because it is quite rare on this earth. It is said that from 1,000 eggs, it’s only 1 egg who survive to adulthood. The rest are die before reach adulthood. On the top of Maspari island hill, there is beacon to guide ships that pass across Bangka strait.

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