Megalith Tinggi Hari

This megalith site is located around Bukit Barisan, which administratively located in Gumay Ulu District, Lahat. Megalith Tinggi Hari is popular with Megalith Pasemah. There are 1.027 heritages from the megalith era that spread over 41 sites.

As the oldest regency, Lahat become the richest in terms of historical heritage in South Sumatra. Lahat has at least 20 megalithic areas that has a rich findings of the megalithic sites. The archaeologists believe that the Pasemah area located in Lahat is a place that has been inhabited by humans at least 2500 years. Various prehistoric sites such as statues, stone graves, stone houses, dolmen (stone tables), stone sculptures, flat stone, stone mortars will be an interesting historical tour.

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