Napal Carik Waterfall

Napal Carik waterfall is one of waterfalls in South Sumatra. Located in Muara Emil village, Tanjung Agung district, Muara Enim which is about 80 km from Muara Enim city.
To go to Napal Carik waterfall, either through Muara Emil or Pagar Dewa village, Tanjung Agung district, Muara Enim, will take about 20 Km. The trip takes quite extreme, especially during the rainy season with motorcycle. It takes about two hours to reach Napal Carik waterfall.
The road to Napal Carik waterfall will be treated with natural scenery of rice fields Pagar Dewa, as well as rubber and coffee plantation owned by residents that lined up on the left and right of the road. On the way to the waterfall, the visitors also meet with Puyang Matauh burial complex, which is one of three puyang, the founder of Muara Emil village. It is also through Talang Tebat Buntu which contained of 15 huts, the rest area of villagers after working in the fields.
Arrive at Napal Carik Waterfall area, visitors must go down through stairs about 100 rungs which are made naturally from soil. When reached Emil river then you will see Napal Carik waterfall steps. A glimpse, this waterfall looks like Niagara Falls with about 50 meters height.
It is called Napal Carik, because the sound of water “becarik” (gurgling) and fall to “napal” (hard ground like a stone). There is waterfall in Emil river, because many waterfalls that resembles a small waterfall. But the most often visited and famous one is Napal Carik waterfall.

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