Sungsang Village Tour

Sungsang as the village tour in Banyuasin regency, is famous for beautiful natural scenery. Besides having a cool and beauty of natural scenery, Sungsang village also has 240,000 square meters width which is a combination of Sungsang I to Sungsang IV consists of islands and surrounded by rivers and sea so well-known for its fish, shrimp, scallops, crab which trade for the local communities needs and for export.

City district that supposedly built since 17th century is consist of four villages, namely Sungsang I to IV. The four villages located on the banks of river extends for only 3.5 km. The other uniqueness is when we walked on the streets which made of cast concrete on top of the river. We only takes 15-20 minutes to walk leisurely through the four villages. Is there anywhere else on this earth that we can find villages such as in Sungsang, which in a short time could be through four villages all at once?

Sungsang wedding customs has known as Basengi. It shows that Cultural Tourism in Banyuasin has good potential. This tradition is one of cultural wealth that became tourism attraction and introduce the regional culture.

To visit Sungsang village, can be reached by waterway using a speedboat through Musi River, which starts from Kuto Besak port, after Tanjung Mas village for about 30 minutes arrive at Sungsang village. While by land takes an hour trip.

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