If you are already a fan of spicy foods then do not miss this traditional dishes from Palembang which called as “Pindang’. It is just hard to beat a combination that includes the fish meat, spicy herbs, and pineapple. Pindang is also made of Prawn and beef meat and ribs.

Basically, pindang was differentiated based on the origin of the region. Nowaday, the popular pindang is pindang from Pegagan, Meranjat, Musi Rawas, Palembang and Sekayu. Each region has special characteristics based on its ingredients and cooking techniques so it has different flavors.

So when you visit Palembang don’t forget to taste all the pindang varieties as it is the heirloom culinary pride of Bumi Sriwijaya.

Photo credit:

  • Photographer: Rangga Wibisono
  • Food stylist: Nesia C. Silva
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