A typical craft that you can find in Palembang is lacquer craft or Lak and can be found on Faqih Jalaluddin street or near the Palembang Great Mosque. The word lacquer or lakuer comes from the word lac, which is the name of resin material produced by a type of insect called Laciffer lacca, in South Sumatra these insects live in a cluster of trees Kemalo. The craft on lak items was done the first time in Chine, then in the Song dynasty brought it to another country, including Indonesia for trading other goods by the merchants. And as for Palembang the trading between the Chinese has been going on for centuries therefore elements of the Chinese culture are easily accepted until now by the people of Palembang.

The technology of making these lacquers then began to be imitated and adapted by the people of Palembang. In this imitation many new creations were created, both in the form and pattern and of decoration. There are two types of decoration on the craft of lacquer, the motif of flora and fauna. The colors used on craft lacquer are red kesumba, yellow gold, black and dark red.

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