Giwang (Genta’ Informatif Wisata Andalan Nyaman dan Gempita)

Buddy #WongKito !


@disbudparsumsel will soon launch the Giwang application (Genta’ Informative Travel Mainstay Comfortable and Joyful)


Application “GIWANG SUMSEL” and Information Branding “GIWANG SUMSEL” as a brand mark for the Movement to Promote Tourism, Culture and Creative Economy of South Sumatra through an Android-based application.


GIWANG SUMSEL present to answer the challenges of industry 4.0 which requires the dissemination of information that is efficient, effective, and accurate so that the potential for Culture, Tourism and Creative Economy of South Sumatra is increasingly echoed and known to you. as by tourists.


Watch the Live Streaming of the Launching of the Giwang Sumsel Application, which will be broadcast live from the Arista Hotel, Saturday, June 19, 2021, at 19.00 WIB via the Youtube Channel and Instagram @diskominfo_sumsel.










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