South Sumatra Film Workshop 2021

South Sumatra Film Workshop 2021


Department of Culture and Tourism of South Sumatra Province held a workshop on Film as South Sumatra to promote the film industry in Sumel in order to increase the tourism potential. Located at Swarna Dwipa Hotel Ballroom, Tuesday (06/07) Morning.


This workshop was attended by 75 participants from various film communities in South Sumatra. Later, this workshop activity will be carried out regularly by presenting quality resource persons.


The purpose of this activity is to become a forum for young filmmakers to exchange ideas, and learn more about the world of film, especially to boost tourism potential in South Sumatra.


Head of the Culture and Tourism Office of South Sumatra Province, Aufa Syahrizal, said the number of films that raised various regional tourism potentials in Indonesia made him compelled to challenge filmmakers in South Sumatra to create films that raised tourism potential in South Sumatra.


“Therefore, I challenge all filmmakers in South Sumatra to be able to create films by highlighting the potential of the 17 regencies/cities of South Sumatra with various tourism and cultural potentials. This potential should be raised so that it becomes an attraction for people to know more about the province of South Sumatra,” explained Aufa.


To attract quality filmmakers, a screenplay and film writing competition will be held. Aufa hopes that the pandemic will not discourage filmmakers from working.

“Please make a film but by implementing strict health protocols,” he concluded.

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