South Sumatra State Museum: Balaputera Dewa museum

It seems you’ll never run out on museums in Palembang, therefore if you would like to see more artifacts from pre-historic, Sriwijaya Empire era, Palembang Darussalam Sultanate and the Dutch Occupation era you can visit the Balaputera Dewa Museum. The collections of each era are displayed in three main showrooms in the building and in this museum there is the house ulu which is the original home of the people of South Sumatra.

Various collections such as histography, ethnography, pheology, ceramics, modern technology, art, flora and fauna, and geology are exhibited in 3 main showrooms. This museum also a home for a thousand years of Besemah megaliths and the Ulu house which is the original home of the people of South Sumatra.

Besides photographing history trail in Balaputera Dewa Museum, there is one place to visit, the Limas House. Inside the house which is a traditional house of South Sumatra, you can recognize traces of customs of Palembang. Some tools of traditional traditions of Palembang kept neatly in a house that stood since 1830.

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