Siguntang Hill

After traveling around the city of Palembang which is filled with buildings and markets, it would be nice to see the green landscape to enjoy the fresh air. Visiting Siguntang Hill would be a great place to start as not only is the park littered with lush trees and other vegetation. As an archaeological site you can see some artefacts of buddhism which show that Bukit Siguntang was once used as a place of worship and religious kingdom.

Siguntang Hill is the highest point in Palembang and has a height of approximately 30 meters above sea level. For most of the people living around the hill, this place is considered sacred. This hill is also home to archaeological relics associated with the Srivijaya Kingdom, in the 6th century to the 13th century.

At a higher place in the complex, there is the site of some of the tombs of the Malay Kings and other important figures. In classical Malay mythology, Siguntang hill is the origin of the Malay kings in Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Philippines and Southern Thailand.

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