Cogong Hill

Cogong Hill is located in Sukakarya village, Sumber Harta district, Musi Rawas regency, South Sumatra province. It is one of mainstay tourism of the local area that has visited by many tourists. Beside its natural landscape, this tourism destination also supported by beautiful waterfall and fruit garden belong to the village. Cogong Hill tourism object is the protected forest area. Therefore you can find a wide range of ‘native’ plant species, and others preserved plants

The visitors can also go to the waterfall in Cogong hill area. The waterfall is not too big, it is a small waterfall but the water sounds is very strong. Probably because the flow is quite heavy, especially the river that has cool water. The nature beauty in Indonesia must maintained well, because it has big effect on Indonesia ecosystems.

The location of Cogong hill is also not too far from the downtown. The visitors can use public transportation or rent a car to reach it.

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