Kawah Tengkurep

Because Palembang was once a kingdom of course there would be many tombs of the deceased royal families and other historical figures. One of the cemetery complex for the Sultanate Royal Family of Palembang Darussalam is named Kawah Tekurep. The Sultanate of Palembang Darussalam was founded in 1675 by Sultan Abdurrahman (1659-1706). Tekurep crater was built by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I Jayo Wikramo in 1728 and continued with the construction of a central vault in the burial area by Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin Adi Kesumo.

This complex is named Kawah Tekurep because the shape of the cemetery roof is like an upside down skillet or a dome. When you visit here, there will be four domes that consist of three domes for the sultans and one dome for Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin’s children, officials and commanders

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