Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island is known as the island that love built on an island aptly-called Heart. Every year thousands of people visit this island to celebrate the Cap Go Meh event to worship. It is a century-old tragic love story that has attracted millions of visitors to Kemaro island. Two (2) temples are located here, Hok Cing Bio and Nine Stairs Feet. In front of the temple, there is grave yard of Prince Tan Bun An from Chinese and Princess Siti Fatimah of Sriwijaya. By their love story, this island is made up and popular to be Pulau Jodoh or Mate Island

In the reign of the Kingdom of Palembang (1587 – 1659) and Sultanate of Palembang Darussalam (1663 – 1821), Kemaro Island became an impregnable fortress and well known for its incredible weapons. The island became a strong defense base of Palembang’s war against the Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie (VOC) in 1659. Even in Palembang’s war in 1819, the Dutch fleet under Herman Warner Muntinghe was destroyed in the Kemaro Island teritorial waters before came near to Kuto Tengkuruk (Kuto Kecik) and Kuto Besak. In 1821, the Ducth finally penetrated the Kemaro Island, after the strategy of the river war of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II was leaked to the Dutch.

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