Napal Licin Cave

Napal Licin cave tourism object located at the boundary of Musi Rawas Utara (Muratara). This cave can reach by five-hour trip from Lubuklinggau or within about 145 kilometers.

If the visitor enters Napal Licin cave area, visitors will be treated with natural stone scenery. This cave has about 15 meters entrance. After passing the entrance to the cave, visitors can see the stalactites and stalagmites in floor, walls and top cave. The visitors can direct observe for the stalactites and stalagmites which formed naturally since hundreds, even thousands years ago. The visitors will pass through hallway along 1.5 kilometers. The hallway connects the four hills: Batu hill, Semambang hill, Payung hill, and Karang Nato hill. The hallway is not too large, so visitors have to stoop, even lying down, in order to pass it. It takes more than four hours to enjoy all the view in various corners of the cave.

Recently, research of the Institute for Archaeology Palembang found new evidence of megalithic in Napal Licin cave such as a mound of stones and tools in stone era. Not only the temple that have been found, but the evidences of prehistoric human life were also obtained, such as stone tools. Other megalithic objects were also found like; stone cylinder that looks similar to the historic relics in Jambi. Besides, Tempayan Kubur relics in Bayung Lincir district which was in acacia garden also be evidence of civilization that has progressed before Srivijaya kingdom. That Tempayan Kubur sites has estimated since II to V century AD.

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