Rafting: Empat Lawang

Musi Ulu River flow gives the opportunity to ride rubber boat while rafting. The route along 29 kilometers from Tanjungraya village to Tebingtinggi, the capital regency of Empat Lawang, has some points of torrential flow which can increase adrenaline.

Beside heavy flow and waves, eddies also make the boat bobbing on the sidelines of large rocks, which certainly make the passenger boat had to be careful. Otherwise, the boat can be overturned and hit a rock. Without wearing helmet, of course it would be dangerous activity. This route has three difficulty levels, with heavy flow and quite dangerous. At some points, the curve due to large stones made the rubber boats bobbing and if not capable to control, can be reversed. Along the route, there are at least 13 rapids which are quite heavy, leading to stone and make the boat jumping.

The scenery along the river also gives its own nuances. Besides the hills, the steep cliffs also can be used for climbing object. Also, some of estuary of the creek with blackened rocks and a fairly large size gives a beautiful view. The calm flow at some points make rafting participants must save some energy to row the boat. The 29 kilometers distance can be reach only two hours using a car, with a rubber boat takes six hours.

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