Ranau Lake

Ranau Lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra. It located in the border line of West Lampung, Lampung province and Ogan Komering Ulu regency, South Sumatra.

This lake is created by the blast of volcanic from Volcano Mountain that made a huge basin. This lake is has hilly and valleys topography, then it makes the weather so cool and refreshing. This famous lake is often visited by the fisherman to catch fishes like Tilapia, Kepor, Kepiat and Harongan.

Right in the middle of the lake there is Pulau Marisa or Marisa Island. And in the side of Mount Seminung, there is a hot spring that oftenly used by locals or tourists who come to the island. The tourist can drive along the lakeside from Banding Agung to Pusri cottage to enjoy the wonderful view of lake and Mount Seminung. There are several tourist attractions to enjoy at the lakeside road such as swimming pool and the water park. The visitor also can jet skiing around the lake.

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