Srivijayan Archeological Park

Next park you should visit is the Taman Wisata Kerajaan Sriwijaya or Srivijayan Tourist Park, this park is quite extensive of 72 hectares so you may want to start early from the opening hour to be able to explore all that’s in the area. This tourist park holds many relics from the Sriwijaya Kingdom dating back to the 7th Century. Some of the famous relics are the eight meter steering boats which are more than thousands years old, inscriptions and of Bukit Siguntang which documents the history of battles in the Sriwijaya era.

Taman Wisata Kerajaan Sriwijaya is also popular with the name of Karanganyar Site. This location is a former settlement areas and parks that associated with Sriwijaya kingdom; it precisely located at the north bank of Musi River in Palembang, South Sumatra.

In this area, there is a network canals, ditches and ponds that neatly and regularly made, it ensure that this area is a man-made, so it is believed to be the center of Sriwijaya Kingdom in Palembang. Moreover, at this site we can find many of ancient relics as a prove that this area was to be a human settlement and activity center

To commemorate admiral Zheng He who visited Palembang four times during his voyage across Southeast Asia, this museum also made a replica of Zheng He’s ship. The newest addition of this park is Cempaka Island Park, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the park in the afternoon while around the island by boat.

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