Tingkip Temple

Tingkip Temple is located in Simpang Subur area, Sungai Jauh village, Rawas Ulu district, Musi Rawas Utara regency of South Sumatra Province. Tingkip temple located on a plateau surrounded by Tingkip river and its creek. The temple is located 100 meters south of Tingkip river or on the left side of the river when viewed from the downstream. Meanwhile, its located from Tingkip creek is about 210 meters to west side.

Tingkip sites began to be known as archaeological sites since in the middle of March 1981, when a statue of Buddha found. Tingkip temple is a replica of Mount Meru. Meanwhile, the configuration of the rivers around Tingkip temple which surrounds the temple may be considered as replica of the ocean surrounding Mount Meru. It is an effort to create a parallel between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Tingkip temple is a massive building, without cubicle, or opened, just like other Buddhists temples.

Tingkip temple is a single building. Tingkip temple faces east and has a staircase entrance located on one side of the building only. In Tingkip temple building there is Kumbha profile that formed from two layers of bricks and underneath there is Padma profile formed from three layers of bricks. The combination of both profiles are also found in Buddhists temples. Tingkip temple might built concurrently with the renovation of Buddha statues that were placed on the temple which is about the end of the 9th century AD, until the 10th century AD.

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