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Komunitas Punya Peran Penting Untuk Sukseskan Pariwisata

Share to friendsUntuk mensukseskan Asian Games XVIII 2018 di Palembang nanti, peran Pariwisata akan sangat dibutuhkan. Meski pemerintah pusat dan tentunya pemerintah daerah sudah punya rencana tersendiri untuk mensukseskannya, tetap saja peran pihak lain akan sangat dibutuhkan, diantaranya komunitas-komunitas yang … Continue reading

Kontrol Mutu Akademik, Poltekpar Palembang Bentuk Pengurus Muda Senat

Share to friends Diawal Perkuliahannya, Politeknik Pariwisata (Poltekpar) Palembang mulai melakukan pembentukan Pengurus Muda Senat Mahasiswa. Dewan Senat yang diketuai oleh Plt Direktur Poltekpar Palembang, Irene Camelyn Sinaga ini, Selasa (20/09/2016) bertempat di Gedung Akademik Poltekpar Palembang, Komplek Jakabaring Sport … Continue reading

Aksi Sapta Pesona di Kampung Al Munawar

Share to friendsPada hari Sabtu (18/9), di kampung Al Munawar 13 Ulu Palembang diadakan aksi Sapta Pesona oleh Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Sumatera Selatan. Sapta Pesona merupakan kondisi yang harus diwujudkan untuk menarik wisatawan datang berkunjung ke destinasi wisata. … Continue reading

Pagaralam Masuk 10 Tujuan Wisata Baru di Indonesia

Share to friends Pagaralam – Kementerian Pariwisata merelaunch 10 daerah tujuan wisata baru di Indonesia, salah satunya Kota Pagaralam. Hal ini karena Kota Pagaralam memiliki puluhan objek wisata alam sehingga menjadi daerah tujuan wisata di Sumsel. Kepala Dinas Kebudayaan dan … Continue reading

Ampera Bridge

This bridge is located in Palembang city, South Sumatra province. Ampera bridge, which has become a symbol of the city, is located in the middle of city and connecting Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir Musi regions. Besides its culinary, Palembang also known for Ampera Bridge which has become an icon of Palembang. This bridge was built in April 1962.

Benteng Kuto Besak (fort)

Kuto Besak Fort is the palace building in 18th century which had become the center of Palembang sultanate. Kuto Besak Forth built in 1780 by un-known architect and the head project was a Chinese man. Kuto Besak Fort is standing at 10meters height. From here, you can see the boats traffic in Musi river. This fort is the pride of Palembang people because this stone fort is the biggest and the only fortress in Palembang that used for fight colonial.

Musi River

Musi River has known as the longest river in Sumatra island, which is about 750 kilometers. Starting from upstream in Kepahiang, Bengkulu, Musi River flowing away through South Sumatra and split Palembang into Seberang Ilir in north side and Seberang Ulu in south side. This river formed a delta and as distribute in Sungsang downtown area.

Kemaro Island

Kemaro island is a small island on Musi river. It is located in the delta of Musi River.It can be reached by public and personal transportation about 30 minutes from the center of city. Or it can also reached by rent boats that have stand by in front of Kuto Besak with about 45 to 60 minutes away. Name of Kemaro island means 'The island is always dry and never watery although there is high tide'. This island looks like a floating island.

Mount Dempo

Mount Dempo is the highest mountain in South Sumatra. Mt. Dempo is also the highest peak in Bukit Barisan mountain range that stretches along the entire island of Sumatra, forming tis backbone.
In the forest area to Mount Dempo there is small river with clear water. The climbers can take this river water as drinking water for the trip. To climb, visitors must go through forest area by tracing a path that filled with many large trees roots. The forests itself is dense and desolate, so that occasionally you will hear the sound of birdsong.

Bidadari Waterfall

Bidadari waterfall is a natural tourist destination in Lahat. Bidadari waterfall has about 30 meters height or it same as 10 floors building. The local communities have another name of Bidadari waterfall; Ayek Asem. Near to Bidadari waterfall, there are also other beautiful waterfalls, such as Bujang Gadis waterfall, Sumbing waterfall and Naga waterfall.

Temam Waterfall

Temam waterfall is different with others waterfalls that we usually visit. This waterfall is formed naturally and lengthwise about 12 meters high and 25 meters width. The uniqueness of the slotted and curved stone under the waterfall is commonly used by visitors to sit and enjoy the thrill of the waterfall in front of them. Temam waterfall is located in Rahma village, Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra Province. At the top of the waterfall, there is also a suspension bridge in 100m length, so that the visitors could enjoy Temam waterfall from this bridge in about 50m distance.

Megalith Relics

In a report from the Institute for Archaeological Research Team Palembang mention that generally, Pagaralam and Lahat megalithic sites situated at 400 m altitude which have high rainfall throughout the year. You can see some relics of the Megalithic era that were estimated at more than 1,000 years old. The large stone relics are Menhir, Dolmen, Grave Stone, statue, Lumpang Batu, Batu Dakon, punden and so on.

Bukit Serelo

Serelo Hill is one of the unique hills in Indonesia, located in the South Sumatra regency of Lahat. The Hill is often referred to as the hill shows most people because of the shape of the hill that formed the sticking point to the sky. Serelo Hill is located about 270km from Palembang, South Sumatra. From Palembang, the hill can be reached by traveling about 4-5 hours using four-wheel vehicles.


Songket is a fabric that belongs to the brocade family of Indonesia textiles. It is hand-woven in silk or cotton, and intricately patterned with gold or silver threads. The metallic threads stand out against the background cloth to create a shimmering effect. In the weaving process the metallic threads are inserted in between the silk or cotton weft (latitudinal) threads in a technique called supplementary weave.

Ranau Lake

Beside Toba Lake, Sumatra Island also has Ranau Lake, the second largest lake in Sumatra. Not only its spacious and beautiful, the air around the lake is also very cool. Ranau Lake is located on the border of West Lampung, Lampung and Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan, South Sumatra Province. For touring around the lake which has about 44 km2 wide area, visitors can use a motor boat, which known as 'Ketek'.

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